Electronic Shelf Label

In our modern digitised marketplace, consumers need accurate and up to date pricing information before they make purchases. Retailers on the other hand, require a convenient, cost-effective solution rather than updates or changes done in the traditional manual way, because traditional paper labels require a lot of manpower and other resources to update. Electronic shelf labels in HK offers a much-needed solution with many great advantages over traditional paper labels for retailers. Quick and efficient price updates are the key benefit for retailers in a fast-moving environment. Your employees can simply update all prices on the modules centrally by just a few clicks without the need for printing and manually replacing any price tags or labels. Using an electronic shelf label undoubtedly helps businesses save time, effort and exponentially increases the efficiency of their operations! In addition, an electronic shelf label can effectively minimize human errors during the cumbersome manual updating process, and is far more environmentally friendly.


Our 3DS Plus Electronic Shelf Label

As a leader in this field, the electronic shelf label provided by 3DS Plus has helped numerous businesses over the years with our smart and convenient solutions. The high-tech electronic ink used in our electronic shelf label is extra-durable and can last more than 3 years. We offer electronic shelf labels that are suitable for retail stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, shopping malls and drugstores. Should the requirement arise, our versatile products can also be used for hospitals and office settings too.

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No matter your type of business or what your specific requirements are, 3DS Plus is confident it has the right solution for you. Our experienced team is on hand to help you find ways to minimise cost as well as streamline your business process. Just give our team a call today at +852 2976 4008 or email us at info@3dsplus.com for any enquiries.

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