Digital Signage System

How a Digital Signage System can help your business

A digital signage system has become an integral part of modern advertising and can be found in an array of private as well as public settings. A digital signage system in HK can help businesses and organisations distribute a wide variety of information, such as live TV programmes, news or weather information.


More importantly, it can help businesses provide detailed specifications, guides, hi-resolution images or brand messages to help promote the features and highlights of their products and services. Another advantage of a digital signage system is that it is centrally controlled for convenience and consistency of the information that is being relayed. Not to mention, a playback function comes as standard.

Features of 3DS Plus Digital Signage Solutions:

A Split Screen Function

Our digital signage in Hong Kong offers a split screen function, which not only allows you to play promotional videos, but also insert a third party queue-ticket system at the same time. This can increase the variety or depth of the information that is relayed through your system for a given period of time.

Plug & Play Convenience

Our digital signage system is not only user-friendly and easy to set up, it also allows content to be played directly from a USB storage device.

High Quality Professional Monitor (Pro-Mon)

We utilise a high-quality professional monitor (Pro-Mon) in our system which offers crystal-clear image quality and supports 4K video playback. The quality is way beyond ordinary TV quality and can serve as a prominent, as well as eye-catching display to draw the attention of customers.

Suitable for Outdoor Use

Our system was developed and made for use in a variety of settings, including an advanced waterproof metal outer case with tempered glass surface that can effectively protect it against the elements, making it ideal for outdoor use specifically.

Our digital signage solutions come in different formats and sizes for use in different settings. Feel free to give our experienced team a call today at +852 2976 4008 or email us at to learn more.

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