Electronic Menu


Electronic menu or digital menu are proudly presented by 3DS Plus. In just a click, you can update the menu throughout your chain stores at once. Our electronic menu platform is easy to use as the operation interface is clear and user friendly. Electronic menu helps you to save printing costs and it is also environmental friendly. Electronic menu is eye-catching at the same time.

With our avant-garde digital signage system, you can be modified the content of electronic menu any time you want in just a few clicks.

1) Draw attention

With high quality monitor to display the food menu, electronic menu is able to draw attention and generate a lot of sales opportunities. Electronic menu supports video format and installation/removal is very simple

2) Enhance interaction

Provide customers with new service experience and convey food information and boost up the desire to order.

3) User friendly backend system

3DS Plus developed an user friendly LINUX operating system, which is easy to update and it does not require USB drive to operate. Electronic menus can reduce human resources and errors. The product adopts Cloud management and the instant API update supports. In addition, the network can be organized by the central control, and the store information can be updated anytime and anywhere without individual processing

4) Diversified product formats

Available in different shapes and sizes for different positions. Moreover, it is also possible to set the schedule to play, and to switch the screen at the same time, which is more flexible and convenient.

5) Exclusive SIM card data transfer feature

Even if you don't have a WiFi network, you can still use the SIM card to update with 4G LTE, which is convenient and fast.

6) Environmentally friendly and saving money

Electronic menus can effectively save advertising printing costs and reduce the use of paper

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