LED Wall

An LED wall, also known as an LED wall backdrop, has rapidly gained popularity in today's digital marketplace. Due to the usual poor quality of general LED displays, it is common that after 3-6 months of installation, there will be technical problems such as screen dead spots, black spots, discoloration or partial loss of picture. Nowadays, most of the LED video wall suppliers do not have their own maintenance team and it is not uncommon for users to feel frustrated at this lack of technical support. Therefore, it is very important to choose a professional LED wall Hong Kong supplier that uses only the very best LED walls.


Ideally, a high-quality LED video wall suppliers should have the following 4 qualities:

  1. The LED wall supplier must possess a local maintenance team. Should there be any technical issues with the LED display, you can conveniently and immediately request your supplier to check and repair it.
  2. Should have a self-owned manufacturing facility, which enables them to offer a more competitive price and most importantly a reliable stock of spare parts and accessories for LED walls in Hong Kong.
  3. The quality of materials used directly affects the reliability of the LED display. The usage of high-quality and well-made materials and also craftsmanship, will undoubtedly make any LED display work properly longer.
  4. Suppliers must be a registered electrical contractor to provide the best level of confidence to consumers, who can purchase with the most confidence. As the leader in the LED wall industry, 3DS Plus possesses all of the above qualities.

3DS Plus also offers professional LED wall rental services to help customers and enterprises better attract target customers, better convey brand messages, and create more business opportunities.

Our Professional Services Include:

  • Comprehensive LED wall rental services including transportation, installation and disassembly
  • Offering instant broadcast capabilities using our easy-to-use digitised system
  • Our in-house design team will help clients tailor make graphics and content
  • Providing professional booth design services

What's more, 3DS Plus also offers professional LED wall repair services. If your LED display is malfunctioning or is damaged, no matter whether it was originally purchased from 3DS Plus or not, we will send our professional team on-location within 24-hours for any repairs and maintenance. You can simply call us today for a free consultation and quotation.

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