Menu Design and Production

‧Creative LED menu

‧Classic leather menu

‧Triangle standing menu, page changing menu

‧Disposable order paper


Professional Product Shooting

‧Professional photographer

‧Arrange all equipment, lighting and scenery settings

‧Photo composition and color correction

‧Video editing and post production


TV Commercials and Animation

‧Professional shooting team

‧Product advertising production

‧Vivid teaching Animation

‧Advertising player Support


Traditional and

‧Provide a series of publicity methods using Facebook

‧Listening to customer needs and tailoring corporate solutions

‧Collect data and analyze the best decisions

‧Senior design team to match customer brand style

‧Efficient printing, quickly arrange mounting works

  • PBM Pareto Bussiness Management Limited
    PBM has designed unique promotional solutions for companies and groups of different sizes in the past years. One-stop design services attract more attention to products, accurate market analysis and increase customer spending intentions, and professional marketing strategies make customers worry-free and fully Develop corporate business. The company is fortunate to have won the high trust of the catering industry, and has achieved good results for the store and brand promotion many times, establishing the position of "professional catering marketing" in the industry.
    PBM Pareto Bussiness Management Limited

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Menu Design and Production
Professional Product Shooting
TV Commercials and Animation
Traditional and E-Marketing
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