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All-in-one Queue Management and
Digital Signage System

All-in-one Queue Management and Digital Signage System is newly developed by our own research and development team.
It is convenient and easy to use.

Queue Management System

‧All-in-one queue management system, from getting tickets, printing tickets, ticket number inquiry to calling number, 3DS Plus's queue management system is all you need.

‧All-in-one queue management system is small and does not occupy much space, especially suitable for small and medium sized restaurant.

All-in-one Shelf Signage LCD

For displaying price and product information on shelf.
It can also show interactive information in order to draw customer's attention.

‧14.9" shelf signage LCD with program switching button

‧14.9" shelf signage LCD (Touch screen)

‧7.8" shelf signage LCD

Signage LCD

Suitable for in-store promotion, can be used as an electronic menu or update product information.

A-Stand Signage LCD

Can be placed at the main entrance of the store or as mobile digital signage.

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