High Quality LED Wall

‧The first company in Hong Kong to offer tailor-made LED displays of any sizes and shapes

‧Sources from United States, Japan, Taiwan and China, providing customers with wide range of choices

‧Easy to use back-end system and network remote control


Electronic Shelf Label

‧Environmental friendly – eliminate the use of paper

‧High accuracy - ensure consistent price information in the store, reduce human error and save manpower, and hence reduce costs

‧Easy management - manage content quickly and update at any time through the web

‧With API - easy to connect with different POS systems


Digital Signage System

‧Save advertising printing costs

‧Update promotional information anytime and anywhere

‧Improved LINUX operating system, easy to operate

‧Flexible and convenient

‧Provide update promotional offers, weather and news to draw attention

  • PBM Pareto Bussiness Management Limited
    PBM has designed unique promotional solutions for companies and groups of different sizes in the past years. One-stop design services attract more attention to products, accurate market analysis and increase customer spending intentions, and professional marketing strategies make customers worry-free and fully Develop corporate business. The company is fortunate to have won the high trust of the catering industry, and has achieved good results for the store and brand promotion many times, establishing the position of "professional catering marketing" in the industry.
    PBM Pareto Bussiness Management Limited
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